Galaxy Note 7 - nightmare on Samsung Street

Paul Vinogradoff, September 2016

I feel sorry for Samsung. Rarely do things go so wrong so publicly as the current Galaxy Note 7 universal recall. I loved the idea of the Note so much that, despite being an iPhone/Apple plug-in I plugged out and went Android when the Note 1 appeared. Another motivation was that Wacom was on our client list back then, and it was Wacom technology behind the write function on the Note’s stylus activated screen. I don’t know if it still is.

What made me feel stupid back then was how quickly the Note 2 appeared. Should I have waited? I started to think that perhaps the Note was overrated. I plugged back in to the Appleverse, my digital prison of choice. I told myself the Note would not last. Oh, by the way, I got some truly impressive photos off that original Note. And once I had found a decent case for it (had to travel to France to do that) I actually loved it and stayed with it for quite a while. But I let the Android phase fizzle eventually. And thought little more about the Note. Until this year, when the magic 7 hit the headlines (ahead of the bad news) and I thought - should I try it again? This seems to be a year when I hunger to experience a less Apple-saturated universe.

I’m very sorry for Samsung. I would be very sorry for any company (except Microsoft) that had to cope with a disaster on the scale of this one. But, recalling my original surprise at the speed with which my Note 1 was no longer the latest, I can only say - this was bound to happen eventually. Product edition upgrade cycles that aren’t based around really improving (and, simply, proving) the technology rather than some marketing voodoo about the right time of year to hit people with a new version (every year) are just dumb, and a good way to upset people who, like me, waited for their contract upgrade to change models and then found their new device was no longer the newest version available soon after.

And let’s not forget, Samsung are a great company. Really something special. Great ideas, great execution, unbelievable breadth of technological exploration and innovation. So here’s hoping. Maybe I’ll get the Note 8.

  • Galaxy Note 7 - nightmare on Samsung Street