IDA Awards

The IDA notified us on 22nd July that our creation of a new Corporate Identity for global developer toolmaker Jetbrains has been recognised with a Silver award. The stationery we created for this client has also been awarded Bronze.

We are delighted at this confirmation (we had not realised our entry had even been nominated - probably thanks to an over-zealous spam filter) and extend congratulations to everyone at Pajama who made this work possible. Special recognition must go to Silvano d’Orazio for his inspired translation of our brand idea, ‘the drive to develop’ into a strong visual motif and language. The brilliant, angular paths or beams evoke the firing of neurons in the brain, an image directly inspired by the name of our client.

In addition to the brilliant print graphics Pajama also specified, designed and largely developed the current JetBrains website, a crucial tool of the business, which doubled its customer base to two million during the time we worked with them. All the design work followed from an initial strategic phase which facilitated the unanimous adoption of a leading idea among all JetBrains teams and leaders. This idea, ‘the drive to develop,’ reflects the strong identification between JetBrains, a group of high level CompSci grads and postgrads, and their global customer base, essentially similarly qualified and experienced. The ‘drive to develop’ alludes to developing as coding and developing in the evolutionary sense, implying a newly emergent quasi-instinctual propensity and orientation shared by everyone who writes code for a living. It recognises developers at all levels and stages as members of a global community with many common traits alongside their occupational knowledge and activity and suggests, in effect, that JetBrains is ‘the developers’ developer’ - a statement both emotionally appealing and literally true, since their business is to make the tools with which other developers can create useful code.

It is especially exciting to be recognised for the first time by the IDA, an organisation which we hold in high esteem for its standards and idealism.

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