Client engagement is the heart of our approach. This develops energy and excitement right through the organisation. The resulting works feels originated as well as owned by the company. We apply creative output to every context and medium you require. We also equip you to manage the brand and communicate it effectively.
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Only kidding. We’re not interested in keeping it safe. Cut through with a point of view. Be known for original thinking.

Be a love brand

Brands that people love outperform others, because everyone they touch is passionate about them. You want to recommend it, like it, and share it.


Science meets art meets tech meets human

In the alphabet soup of analytics and optimisation there’s a fantasy that users are just more software. We avoid this trap, as a result delivering exemplary levels of sign-up, engagement and purchase.


Stories that surprise

Break with routine and see performance take off. The new is only ever a step away from now.

Our Clients

We work with big and small companies globally across telecoms, financial services, technology and lifestyle brands.

Founders Leaders

Keshen Teo

    Born in Singapore, Keshen studied in New York (Cooper Union) before settling in London, initially at Wolff Olins where he made Creative Director at 28 and remained for almost 13 years. He helped found Pajama in 2005 and began taking an active role a couple of years later. With a strong innate sense of design and a bold, playful imagination, Keshen’s work is always stimulating, varied and highly effective. It has consistently delivered huge value to its owners and much has stayed current for well over a decade.

    Paul Vinogradoff

      Born in London, Paul studied and worked in areas including music, journalism, law and education (Université de Paris II, Panthéon-Assas) before finding his ideal occupation in brand consulting. A voracious reader and energetic thinker, he brings a vivid sense of fundamental realities and powerful communication skills to bear on the challenge of encapsulating his clients' unique qualities client memorably and persuasively. Before starting Pajama he worked at Wolff Olins, and at Futurebrand Corporate (London and Hong Kong) as a senior consultant.

      The Team

      Thinkers + makers = value creators

      The Team